Is it possible to use the sql anywhere monitor for a personal server?

I have a .Net application that starts up a personal server and connects to a client database.

But when I try to add a resource with sql anywhere monitor, I get an unspecific error.

So I first start my application, the Personal Server is running: Version

  • then I go to the Monitor
  • Add resource
  • give a name 'test'
  • Host: localhost
  • port: empty
  • server: 'PersonalServerName'
  • DataBase: 'c:mylocationmydatabase.db'
  • other: empty

DBA User Id: useridoflocaldb

Password: passwordOfLocalDB

then I get this Error: An error occurred configuring the resource for monitoring. Please check that the server is running and that the correct connection parameters were given.

asked 02 Dec '13, 04:16

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The monitor uses TCP/IP to connect whereas the personal engine starts only the shared memory protocol by default and therefore does not listen to TCP/IP by default.

Confine the 12.0.1 doc page on the "Monitor architecture":

The monitor connects to SQL Anywhere databases over TCP/IP. To monitor a database running on the local database server (dbeng12), start the database server with the -x all or -x tcpip option.

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answered 02 Dec '13, 07:08

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Volker Barth
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I've been able to startup network server and attach my application to that so the monitor has been startup...

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answered 02 Dec '13, 06:02

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