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Hi all,

I'm trying to use SA Monitor to obtain some insight in the current state of the ML server. Therefore I'm using metrics like "Synchronizations", "Synchronizations blocked", "Waiting connections", "Requests in synchronization resuest phase" and so on. So when a synchronization runs long enough I can see if it develops forward without looking in the server log file. That works fine for me. Among those metric I'm monitoring "Requests in Receive Upload Phase". This one metric tends to "hang", it doens't refresh to 0 like all the other similar metrics showing current values but keeps showing 1 even long after a sync is succesfull finished (that happens when I'm testing with one synchronization at a time). I tend to believe this is an error in the SA Monitor. Am I right or should I search for some problems in my synchronization?


Chris Werner

p.s. Using SA version

asked 22 Apr '14, 04:15

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Chris Werner
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I wouldn't worry about it. I would guess it's either a bug of ours, or just some detritus from a cancelled sync.

It's not clear to me whether the SA Monitor is the tool you want to be using. It's meant for long term monitoring of production systems. If that's what you want, then keep doing what you're doing, but if instead you're doing testing and want detailed information on what each sync is doing, you'll probably have better luck with the ML Profiler (mlprof.exe)

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answered 22 Apr '14, 17:05

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Bill Somers
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