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I've checked my profile and noticed, that I was "rewarded" with three badges named "Unknown". These badges don't appear in the "badges" main tab of this forum and seem to be meaningless. Could this have happened during the transition from SQLA(SE) to this forum?

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asked 28 Mar '11, 10:46

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Reimer Pods
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Graeme Perrow

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The "Unknown" badges are those badges that existed in SQLA 1.0 ( but are not (currently) supported by SQLA 2.0 (this forum). We decided to transfer the badges rather than getting rid of them since the badges could be supported sometime in the future.

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answered 28 Mar '11, 10:50

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Mark Culp
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Thanks, Mark. A quick check showed me that "Yearling" would be one of those.

(28 Mar '11, 10:54) Reimer Pods

So if you would later decide to support those badges - they would be re-claimed for those who gained them on SQLA?

(Note, I do not saying I'm missing these badges.)

(28 Mar '11, 12:05) Volker Barth
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Yes, that would be the idea. FWIW: there are currently no plans to implement any additional badges, but if the OSQA community were to implement some then we would pick up the badges when we upgraded the software.

(28 Mar '11, 12:43) Mark Culp

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