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Well, frankly said, I might be a critic. German speakers might relate to "Bedenkenträger" (sorry for the umlaut!).

How can I claim that reputation in SQLA easily?

asked 18 Dec '09, 14:28

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Volker Barth
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edited 11 Jan '14, 07:50

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Graeme Perrow

I thought "Bedenkenträger" meant "I want the SQLA Administrator to beat me with a stick", but that just shows I should stick to English :)

(18 Dec '09, 19:43) Breck Carter

Folks have up-voted your question back to zero points! <g> ( for people who are new to SQLA, this is not StackOverflow, we don't take points quite as seriously here :)

(20 Dec '09, 22:42) Breck Carter

@Mark: The behaviour is still the same on the new forum, isn't it (though the - errhh - "discussion" might not fit anymore)?

(19 Mar '11, 07:28) Volker Barth
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@Volker: Yes, AFAIK the behaviour is the same on the two sites.

(19 Mar '11, 07:32) Mark Culp

Then I think it might not be a reason to re-tag for the SQLA1...

(19 Mar '11, 07:35) Volker Barth

Yes. I did pause a moment before retagging this one, but went ahead since the discussion was specifically about how SQLAv1 worked (i.e. stackexchange). Now that the discussion has been extended to talk about SQLAv2 my previous statement is no longer true :-)

(19 Mar '11, 07:41) Mark Culp
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It's that easy:

Just upvote a question or answer by accident and then try to redo your upvote by clicking on the downvote button.

You might think this will undo your upvote but that's not the case: It immediately works as a downvote (and you aren't asked whether you mean to do so).

Well, what have you expected? A downvote is a downvote. To undo an upvote, just click on the upvote button again. (And to undo a downvote, guess, just click on the downvote button again.)

And please note: Once you clicked on the downvote button, you get your "Critic" badge, and you will hold it no matter whether you left any downvotes permanently or not...

Call me "Critic by accident":)

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answered 18 Dec '09, 14:36

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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edited 18 Dec '09, 15:16

Comment Text Removed
Comment Text Removed

Oops, i accidently downvoted your answer (ok, more kind of intentially). But due to your fine description I could undo that easily. +1 !

(18 Dec '09, 17:43) Reimer Pods

I did it like @Reimer

(18 Dec '09, 18:04) Zote

Eventually, maybe after Christmas, there will be some more traffic on SQLA, and you guys will have something to do <g>

(18 Dec '09, 19:48) Breck Carter

...otherwise the SQLA Administrator might gonna beat you ... (cf. Breck's comment on my question) :)

(20 Dec '09, 12:05) Volker Barth

Oh, I see the Innsbruck beta is available - so no more time for "silly" FAQ questions - Back to the real challenges:)

(20 Dec '09, 12:16) Volker Barth

According to the Badges description here, you are "awarded" this badge for your first "DOWN" vote.

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answered 18 Dec '09, 14:34

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Chris Kleisath
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Sorry, Chris, I was too slow with my own answer, as you might see from that. It wasn't considered a "real" question but a description of unexpected SQLA behaviour (IMHO) ... However, this comment itself contains critic. Guess now I really earned the badge:)

(18 Dec '09, 14:40) Volker Barth
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