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SQL Anywhere is one of the most popular and best database systems on the market and has helped generations of developers take their in-house and industry solutions to a new level. Now this system is falling victim to the cloud, because SQL Anywhere is not available as a DBaaS solution and, in contrast to MS SQL and PostgreSQL, SQL Anywhere will be over in 2028. This is where the strength of SQL Anywhere, a powerful SQL dialect, becomes a downfall because it makes migration to another database extremely difficult.

To overcome this difficult situation, we would like to show everyone who uses SQL Anywhere a way to migrate to another DBMS.

That's why Fischer & Consultants is presenting the only solution at a conference: migration through AI. We will not only show you how to easily migrate the database, but also how to set up an AI system and how AI programming generally works. We will demonstrate the migration using Microsoft SQL Server as an example, but we are also available for other database systems such as PostgreSQL and MySQL if you are interested.

If you are interested, you can find further information on our website

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SQL Anywhere will be over in 2028

The SQL Anywhere product owner seems to disagree - see here...

That being said, I certainly agree that SQL Anywhere's rich SQL dialect makes it difficult to migrate to other DBMSes, I often struggle with MS SQL Transact-SQL because of so many unnecessary limitations... - just as a tiny sample, they have added STRING_AGG() decades after SQL Anywhere has offered LIST() but haven't even allowed a DISTINCT clause there...

(08 Apr, 03:12) Volker Barth

Hallo Volker, Danke für den Hinweis und den Link, das war wirklich neu für uns. Soweit ich das sehen kann lebst Du in Deutschland, daher erlaube ich mir Dir auf deutsch zu schreiben. Leider finde ich keine andere Möglichkeit als diese um Dir eine Nachricht zukommen zu lassen. Worum es geht ist: wir, Michael Fischer und ich von Fischer & Consultans würden uns gerne einmal persönlich mit Dir unterhalten. Wenn Du damit einverstanden bist schicke mir bitte eine EMail mit Deinen Kontaktdaten an

(10 Apr, 11:45) ahl
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Yes, I'll do that next week. (FWIW, for such cases, a direct direct messaging facility within the forum would be nice.)

(11 Apr, 07:33) Volker Barth
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