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As a new OEM for Sybase 12, we're being told we have to send an authentication string or our connections will become read only after 30 seconds and we'll get an authentication error (which we have seen). Is there documentation that explains how this string must be passed? Specifically:

  1. How do we pass this authentication string in our programs? a. Is it passed on the connection string like user/pass or the DB key? b. If it is passed after the DB connection is made, what is the format/syntax of this call? (how do we perform this via SQL?)
  2. Where do we obtain the authentication string to pass and what information is required to be submitted?
  3. Is this tied to our OEM key?
  4. Is the authentication string the same for all of our product or different per each application?
  5. Is this string different between engine and server(dbeng12 vs dbsrv12)

If we can pass the string similar to the encryption key or user/pass then we could limit our changes.

If we have to pass the string AFTER we obtain the DB connection, then we will have to change each program.

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This should be documented in the chapter SQL Anywhere Server - Database Administration » Starting and connecting to your database » Using SQL Anywhere database servers Authenticated SQL Anywhere applications in the docs.

AFAIK, you need to register to get the OEM key, cf. Obtaining authentication signatures.

The connection authentication can be made both

So, to answer your actual questions:

  1. a and b are possible
  2. You need to register for that (or will get that automatically from Sybase?)
  3. No, I don't think so. The signatures are independent of the product install key.
  4. Can't tell that; this may be specific to your OEM contract.
  5. AFAIK, there's no difference between peronal engine and network server.
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Volker Barth
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FWIW, here is a bunch of other FAQ related to OEM/authentication:

(30 Aug '13, 18:32) Volker Barth
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