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I am developing an application using hibernate.when I try to set the "CONNECTION_AUTHENTICATION" signature via hibernate,it is returning error "node to traverse cannot be null".am i missing something.could you please help me to understand,how to set CONNECTION_AUTHENTICATION in hibernate...

asked 02 Aug '13, 06:05

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Vijay S
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Volker Barth

I'm not familiar with Hibernate but I guess you should either be able to embed the SET TEMPORARY OPTION statement

  • in a call executeUpdate method on a JDBC statement or
  • add the InitSting connection parameter to the JDBC connection string - cf. this doc page:

Authentication statement execution

(02 Aug '13, 06:23) Volker Barth

Which JDBC driver are you using with Hibernate - jConnect or the SQL Anywhere JDBC driver?

  • jConnect: As per the jConnect documentation, there is a connection property SQLINITSTRING that can be set on the connection. This is then configured via the Hibernate hibernate.connection.SQLINITSTRING property:

    cfg = new Configuration()
             .setProperty( "hibernate.connection.SQLINITSTRING", "SET TEMPORARY OPTION connection_authentication='Company=MyCo;Application=MyApp;Signature=0fa55159999e14d818e...'");

The JDBC URL is specified as usual.

  • SQL Anywhere JDBC: This is set via the InitString connection property on the JDBC URL:

    cfg = new Configuration()
             .setProperty( "hibernate.connection.url", "jdbc:sqlanywhere:UID=dba;PWD=sql;SERVER=demo;InitString=SET TEMPORARY OPTION connection_authentication='Company=MyCo;Application=MyApp;Signature=0fa55159999e14d818e...'");

These properties can also be set via the hibernate.cfg.xml file, as usual.

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answered 02 Aug '13, 08:02

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Jeff Albion
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