Is it possible to reference MS Windows system environment variables in scjview.ini?

I have clients who regularly update the JRE on their servers and do not wish to have the SAP SQL Anywhere shipped version on the server.

Currently, I manually update the ini file every time an update is delivered.



asked 23 Aug '22, 13:28

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It is generally recommended to use the SQLA supplied JRE for use with Administration tools as the shipped version has been fully tested and is periodically updated either as a periodic refresh and/or to address security issues. If you do opt to use an JRE other than the SQLA provided version, it will need to be JRE 1.8 and with the awareness that it has not been tested.

As to your specific question, it is not possible to resolve environment variable in the ini file but you could dynamically created it via a batch which would resolve the environment varaibles. For example;

echo JRE_DIRECTORY=%custom_jre_loc% >>scjview.ini
echo VM_ARGUMENTS= >>scjview.ini
echo JAR_PATHS=%sqlany17%\java >>scjview.ini
echo ADDITIONAL_CLASSPATH= >>scjview.ini
echo LIBRARY_PATHS=%sqlany17%\bin64 >>scjview.ini
echo APPLICATION_ARGUMENTS=-screpository=C:\Users\Public\Documents\SQL Central 17;-installdir=%sqlany17% >>scjview.ini

Another option is the use of scjview -batch which creates a batch file scjview.bat that could be modified with the environment variables to locate the JRE.

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answered 23 Aug '22, 22:29

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Chris Keating
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Hi Chris, Many thanks for the super quick response. Can you tell me how new versions of the SQLA supplied JRE are released? Is it via a SQLA EBF or just the JRE? Cheers, Tim

(24 Aug '22, 06:57) TimCH

Updates to the JRE are part of the SQL Anywhere patch. If vulnerabilities are found with the shipping JRE, it will be updated as soon as possible. There are no known issues with the shipping JRE used with the Administration tools.

The latest SQL Anywhere 17 patch uses the SAP JRE 8.1 Build 78. The java -version reports:

java version "1.8.0_301"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 8.1.078)
SAP Java Server VM (build 8.1.078 10.0.2+000, Jul 19 2021 17:45:12 - 
  81_REL - optU - windows amd64 - 6 - bas2:328676 (mixed mode))
(24 Aug '22, 07:25) Chris Keating
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Many thanks Chris.

(24 Aug '22, 11:20) TimCH
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