Hi, I'm running sqlanywhere 12 on a Linux, Fedora core 16, 64bit machine. I have applied the latest EBF for Linux 32/64. (build 3519) I'm able to run the server, and connect to my database, but I have two problems:

  1. When ever i try to run dbisql or scjview i get the following: "Invalid maximum heap size: -Xmx0m" Could not create the Java Virtual Machine

  2. I can not load the SQLAnywhere Client libraries. phpinfo() gives me this error in the SQLAnywhere support area. I have loaded php-5.3.2_sqlanywhere.so as a PHP extension in my php.ini file, and created an sqlanywhere.ini file in the /etc/php.d directory.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Graham Hurst

For #2 it seems that your SQLAnywhere environment is not setup correctly that's why the SQLAnywhere PHP driver cannot load the SQLAnywhere libraries. You did not specify if you are trying to run PHP from the command line or from Apache. In either case, you need to make sure that you have setup your SQLAnywhere environment by sourcing either sa_config.sh or sa_config.csh scripts located in your SQLAnywhere bin32 or bin64 directory.

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answered 28 Mar '12, 09:51

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The problem was from Apache, and you are correct. I've solved this problem by sourcing the sa_config.sh file from "/etc/sysconfig/httpd" Now when apache starts, i can see it sources the file, and loads the client libraries! Thanks again.

(28 Mar '12, 10:05) tomb

For #1, it seems that the native (non-Java) launchers for dbisql and scjview are not providing the correct default heap memory in the JVM command line, due the issue Phil describes. You can use the -batch option (eg. dbisql -batch) to generate a script file (.sh on Linux or .bat on Windows) with the same commands that the native launcher would use. As a workaround for launching dbisql or scjview directly, you could edit the generated script file to give a more appropriate -Xmx value to the Java VM, eg. -Xmx1g.

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answered 27 Mar '12, 16:06

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Graham Hurst
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The first issue was fixed as CR 694479 and will be included in 12.0.1 build 3539. I don't know when that is expected to be released (hopefully soon).

The problem is with how we handle the 3.0 kernel. We were doing a kernel version check (because the API changed) when calculating your system memory that assumed the kernel version would never proceed past 2. Sadly, the only workaround (other than what Graham suggested, which won't work for the server) is to remove memory from your system.

Have a look at this question for more details.

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answered 27 Mar '12, 16:20

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Phil Mitchell
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Ok, thanks. I will use other tools until the new EBF is available.

(28 Mar '12, 09:12) tomb

Please note that 12.0.1 build 3723 for Linux was posted on Friday (May the 4th be with you).

(07 May '12, 10:36) Phil Mitchell
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