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This issue was really two-fold..

We successfully installed and configured SA 12 at the end of 2011 on a Win 64bit Windows Server 2008 R2, and it was up and running nice and clean.

About a month ago, I installed the 32-bit client using the special SA1201_Client.exe installation EXE, as I had a piece of 32-bit software which I wanted to run on the same box .. I was able to configure ODBC connections in both 32 bit and 64 bit ODBC. However, one issue arose in that the Sybase Central 64 bit complained about an incompatible JAR file and was rendered useless - shame on me for not capturing the error. I didn't because I continued to manage the DB server from a remote machine.

Last night, I wanted to 'make it right', so I downloaded the latest EBF for SA 12 64-bit, and after the install, the JAR error went away, but the DB Server could no longer start the external Java environment.

I found this article on this site related to the killer error:

Finally, I totally uninstalled all the SA software, reinstalled ONLY the 64-bit software, applied the latest EBF and we're alive and kicking once again.

Where did I go wrong? I still need to install and configure the SA 32-bit client and am afraid!

asked 22 Jun '12, 07:46

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Frum Dude
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I don't think the SA client package is supposed to be installed an a machine already having a server installation of SA.

If you need the 32 bit tools, just check them in the feature selection of the setup when you (re)run the server setup.

permanent link

answered 22 Jun '12, 09:50

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Reimer Pods
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Indeed .. that does make sense ...

I'll give it a try ...


(24 Jun '12, 12:11) Frum Dude
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