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Google Play beginning Aug 1st will require a 64-bit version of apps deployed to the Google Play Store. Right now the only hold back on my app is UltraliteJ which supplies ARM and x86 I downloaded and applied the latest patch for SqlAnwhere 17 and there is still not an ARM64 build included in UltraliteJ. Is there somewhere we can get the ARM64 i'm missing?

asked 17 Jul '19, 15:23

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Jason MS
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UltraLiteJ for Android support for Android arm64 and x86_64 was added in SQL Anywhere 17.0 SP0 PL46 Build 5855 which was posted recently. Details about this did not make it into the release notes (that has been address and the release notes in the next patch will document this). Here is the information that will be in that corrected readme:

UltraLiteJ for Android is now supported on Android arm64 and x86_64 platforms.

Map install to Android project directories as follows:
ultralite/ultralitej/android/x86/         src/main/jniLibs/x86/
ultralite/ultralitej/android/x86_64/  src/main/jniLibs/x86_64/
ultralite/ultralitej/android/arm/        src/main/jniLibs/armeabi-v7a/
ultralite/ultralitej/android/arm64/    src/main/jniLibs/arm64-v8a/
ultralite/ultralitej/android/UltraLiteJNI17.jar             libs/

Note that libmlcrsa* libraries are no longer used, and no longer included in the install.
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answered 17 Jul '19, 16:11

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Chris Keating
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Thank you for the quick reply. I see the new patch out. We had just installed build 5820 so will update and give it a shot. Appreciate it!

(17 Jul '19, 16:32) Jason MS

Cool Chris. Thanks. I have forgot the first day, when people started asking about 64-but support. It was many years ago.

(22 Jul '19, 03:36) Vlad
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