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As far as I know, UltraliteJ does not have support for TCP connections to communicate with a Mobilink server 12.X, does it?

And what about the version 16.X? Can I configure a Mobilink 16.X service to listen to requests over a TCP port, instead of HTTP for an Android client?

asked 10 Jun '15, 17:20

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Volker Barth

The UltraLiteJ API only provides for data synchronization over HTTP or HTTPS. This is mostly for historical reasons, as the API came from our UltraLiteJ Blackberry API. It looks like the documentation is misleading in this regard. Sorry about that.

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answered 11 Jun '15, 13:20

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Andy Quick
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No problem =] - Is there any plan to release it some day?

(11 Jun '15, 13:34) Alex

Alex, There is no current plan for this. What is the reason that you would want it? We'll consider it, but I cannot make any guarantees.

(11 Jun '15, 16:24) Andy Quick
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In fact, the only reason is because we have a product that works both in Android and iOS, where a Mobilink server can be configured for both at the same time. And maybe, if a customer required a special TLS implementation we would be able to delivery it to him. But nothing special, nothing to worry about. Thanks again, @Andy by your feedback. Really nice job =]

(11 Jun '15, 17:17) Alex

See Deploying an UltraLiteJ application for Android in SQL Anywhere 16...

Set the appropriate parameter settings when using synchronization in your UltraLite application:

Synchronization type Parameter settings

TCP/IP Set the Stream synchronization parameter to "tcpip".

HTTP Set the Stream synchronization parameter to "http".

RSA TLS Set the Stream synchronization parameter to "tls".

RSA HTTPS Set the Stream synchronization parameter to "https".

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answered 10 Jun '15, 19:41

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Breck Carter
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Interesting enough, that change seems not to have made it to the v16 "What's New" section...

Even that v16 doc page still does only mention HTTP and HTTPS as possible Sync network protocols (as does the 12.0.1 page):

Data synchronization can be performed using HTTP or HTTPS network protocols. HTTPS synchronization provides secure encryption to the MobiLink server.

(11 Jun '15, 03:42) Volker Barth
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Exactly Volker. And since it was a limitation in the previous version, I was afraid it isn't avaiable yet. I'll do some tests and post the result here. Thank you for your quick replies!

(11 Jun '15, 08:13) Alex

@Breck, There is no TCP nor TLS options in the SyncParms enum, in the Android API. Also, the method createSyncParms of an Ultralite connection only returns the implementation of one of the following interfaces: StreamHTTPParms or StreamHTTPSParms. Does it mean that, in fact, these protocols are not supported?

(11 Jun '15, 09:44) Alex

The code is all there on Android, so it should work fine. There could be an interface issue. Someone will get back to you on that.

(11 Jun '15, 11:07) Tim McClements

Hm, given that Breck has cited the official docs, and even the SAP engineers seem to have been unclear whether that desired feature is supported or not, I'd think a downvote on his answer is a bit strong, when the docs themselves turn out to be misleading... - see, we usually tend to believe what the SA docs tell, because it's almost always correct IMHO, and therefore us customers often prefer to cite them, and that should not be "punished" here:) - Just my two cents, apparently.

(11 Jun '15, 17:19) Volker Barth
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Ok, I see your point, but unfortunately I cannot revoke it anymore. Also, I quite don't like responses with "empty" documentation links without deeper analysis, which is very common in many other forums. It sounds like I'm totaly ignoring the doc before asking anything.

(02 Jul '15, 17:04) Alex
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