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Hi all,

Recently we are upgrading our system from sybase SQL anywhere 8 to 12 and starting developing android app using ultraliteJ 12. Every thing goes well except I met a synch issue.

Basically we have several publications define which tables should be synchronized. However, when I test it on Android it seems that tables NOT in publications are trying to synchronized. So at Mobilink server i got such error: E. 2013-03-05 18:21:06. <7> [-10101] Table 'UPGRADE_PROGRESS_INFO' has no entry in the ml_table table

I checked this table UPGRADE_PROGRESS_INFO is not in ultralite db publication nor in server publication. Using _nosync suffix can stop it from synch but there are a lot of tables... Can you please help me on this?

Thank you!

asked 05 Mar '13, 18:28

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Can you show the code where you set the sync parameters, including the publication, and make the synchronize call?

(06 Mar '13, 09:21) Tim McClements
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Aside: if you truly never want to synchronize a table, you can mark it as not synchronizing with the CREATE TABLE statement's SYNCHRONIZE OFF clause. While the '_nosync' name suffix still works and does the same thing, the clause is a little nicer :)

(06 Mar '13, 09:47) Tim McClements
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Hi McClement,

I was using ulinit to convert my Sybase DB to ultralite DB. Here is how I did it

ulinit.exe -a DBF=volanteTerm12.db;UID=×××;PWD=***;CharSet=utf8 volanteTerm12.udb -n * -s v_customer_server_synch -s v_setup_info_server_synch -s v_trans_to_server_synch -s v_trans_to_synchpoint

I noticed that there are some other issues. The converted database changed the user password back to "sql". I am assuming that it is a bug of build 3840 because it was working well in my first try on previous build. I am updating it to 3851 and hope everything is good.

(06 Mar '13, 10:00) Peng84

Thank you for your advice. The issue is that we already have a database and I wouldn't like to create new tables

(06 Mar '13, 10:02) Peng84

You need to have your Android application call the setPublications method on your SyncParms object, with either a comma-separated list of publication names, or Connection.SYNC_ALL_PUBS. It sounds like you are using the default of Connection.SYNC_ALL.

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answered 06 Mar '13, 17:56

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Graham Hurst
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Thank You! It solves my problem by set publication name. However, Connections.SYNC_ALL_PUBS and synch throws a error and terminate my app but it is good enough. Thanks a lot

(06 Mar '13, 18:59) Peng84
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FYI, this was due to a bug (issue 740226) that has been fixed as of the following builds (not yet released):

(22 May '13, 14:13) Graham Hurst
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