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"Downtime ... up to two days" sounds like a big deal... are there any feature/behavior changes coming?

IMO it's OK to schedule the downtime during the work week... summer in Canada is too short for anyone to miss a weekend in August :)

asked 02 Aug '17, 05:14

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Breck Carter
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Hopefully the backend will not be switched to HANA.:)

(02 Aug '17, 06:24) Volker Barth
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Why not? We will have all nice features such as HANA XS that we do not need here :)

(02 Aug '17, 07:06) Vlad

I thought XS works with v17, too.

(02 Aug '17, 07:10) Volker Barth

Yes, you are right. I have forgotten about this thing. To me it looks like SA XS is a subset of feature that HANA XS has - just a DB API. E.g. There is the node-binding in GitHub.

HANA XS has many features (that actually can be implemented with a simple node.js, but his is a different story) comparing to SA XS... I think...

(03 Aug '17, 03:43) Vlad

Sorry to disappoint but there will be no changes to the forum itself. This is SAP IT applying OS patches to the forum machine. The reason for the long potential downtime is that they have hundreds of machines to handle, and they've given us a two-day window for getting them all done. Once they've done what they need to do, they'll reboot the machine and the forum will come back automatically.

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answered 02 Aug '17, 08:32

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Graeme Perrow
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(02 Aug '17, 10:18) Breck Carter
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