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After upgrading server - adding one processor, total 2 physical, total 8 core The memory is 32 GB, (16 GB (2 pieces) for each processor)

My services in Sql anywhere keep stopping. I have to start the services manually. I don't know the reason. I have two services, the other services did not stop suddenly.

I have use the services for 3 years, in this 3 years, the services never stop unless I manually stop them.

When the services start, there is a log stating

This edition is restricted to use a maximum of 2 physical processors (0 = unlimited) Networked Seat (per-seat) model. Access to the server is limited to 50 seat(s).

Does it means it did not support 2 physical processors? And the connection to the database is maximum 50 connection? what is seat mean ?

Please help

asked 07 Jul '17, 04:37

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Justin Willey

Have you checked the Application Event log to see if there is any additional detail? Do the services that stop have dependencies?

The message in the log is informational. It is indicating that the license permits the engine to use 2 physical processors and the up to 50 connections and client installs. This differs from a concurrent license which permits unlimited installs but only permits up to 50 connections to the database server. This message would not have any impact on the service issue.

(07 Jul '17, 15:04) Chris Keating

Thank you for your help..really appreciate that. No additional detail, I can not find any dependencies..How to find the dependencies?

I am using windows server 2008 64 bit, in the event viewer, window logs, system it say: The SQL Anywhere - coa11 service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this 6 time(s)

coa11 is the name of the service in sql anywher and already 6 times disconnected

Please help..

(08 Jul '17, 02:05) hasan_pkb

too bad, I can not attach picture...any email address so I can sent the picture by email?

(08 Jul '17, 02:10) hasan_pkb
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That's a forum restriction currently - but you can upload an image to a free image platform and link to that...

Do you run dbsrv11 with th "-o console.log" option to store the server's messages in the log and might get a clue from there? I'd highly recommend to use that option. (I'm not sure from your original description whether you take the license desription from that message log, if so, ignore that paragraph...)

(08 Jul '17, 07:10) Volker Barth

Thank you Chris, Thank you Volker,

I have run dbsrv11 service with -o option here is the complete config

-x tcpip -n coa11 -o d:\log\errorlog.txt -oe d:\log\errorlog2.txt -os 1M D:\Inv115\database\coa11.db -n coa11

The log file has several:

Connection terminated abnormally; client socket shut down Disconnected TCPIP client's AppInfo: IP=;HOST=TOKO-1;OSUSER=User;OS='Windows XP Build 2600 Service Pack 3';EXE=D:\inv115\inv115.exe;PID=0x88c;THREAD=0x344;VERSION=;API=ODBC;TIMEZONEADJUSTMENT=420

The connection client socket is shut down, I think because of the LAN cable is loose.

But the database is not stop after that message..

Here is the link to the message in windows

Please help me out..

Thank you very much

(10 Jul '17, 00:16) hasan_pkb

Here is the link to the error log

Thank you very much..

Really appreciate that...

(10 Jul '17, 00:25) hasan_pkb

Dear all, The database stop is continuing.. I was thinking to add more server option

-x tcpip -c 8G -ca o -cs -cv+ -gt 2 -gtc 8 -n coa11 -o d:\log\errorlog.txt -oe d:\log\errorlog2.txt -os 1M D:\Inv115\database\coa11.db -n coa11

Does anybody now if that server optiong is confict?

Please advise

Thank you...

(17 Jul '17, 06:30) hasan_pkb
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The diagnostic console log shows your server has frequently shut down with no warning; here are a couple of snippets...

I. 07/10 09:44:53. Finished checkpoint of "coa11" (coa11.db) at Mon Jul 10 2017 09:44
I. 07/10 10:29:04. SQL Anywhere Network Server Version
I. 07/10 10:30:02. Now accepting requests
I. 07/10 10:30:06. Cache size adjusted to 2984052K
I. 07/10 10:30:07. Cache size adjusted to 2976480K
I. 07/10 10:30:08. Cache size adjusted to 2975024K
I. 07/10 10:30:13. Cache size adjusted to 2974740K
I. 07/10 10:33:50. SQL Anywhere Network Server Version

I think build was the very first build of version 11.0.1.

You should probably try a a recent EBF, such as which is over five years and one thousand builds newer than the one you're running.

If you can't find it, contact Breck dot Carter at gmail dot com.

Update: See the SQL Anywhere 11.0.1 section of the SAP SQL Anywhere Supported Platforms and Engineering Support Status page.

You are "Running Windows 2008 Build 6002 Service Pack 2 on X86_64" which is OK in theory, but build was never tested on that operating system...

Windows Server 2008     -  x86 and x64
Windows Server 2008 R2  -  x64  -  Tested with EBF #2324
Windows Server 2012     -  x64  -  EBF #2878 or higher required
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answered 17 Jul '17, 07:30

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Breck Carter
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Dear Mr. Carter,

I have sent email to you..Please help me out.. Really appriciate...

(17 Jul '17, 09:07) hasan_pkb

I have done the EBF installation. After installation..Everything is running smoothly... Really helpfull.. Thank you very much Mr. Carter...

(24 Jul '17, 06:02) hasan_pkb
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That is why, current members suggest to update the server before asking the question. Especially when the build is very old.

(25 Jul '17, 15:17) Vlad
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