In particular, When SQLAnywhere initiates a web client procedure, can it negotiate an SSLv3 connection? If so, can it handle these ciphers? Cipher: name = RC4-SHA; description = Cipher: name = RC4-SHA; description = RC4-SHA SSLv3 Kx=RSA Au=RSA Enc=RC4(128) Mac=SHA1 ; bits = 128; version = TLSv1/SSLv3;

asked 15 Jul '13, 17:23

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Tuan Dinh
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Not sure I understand your question:

A SSLv3 HTTPS connection can surely be made from a web client procedure - however, AFAIK, that requires only a web server certificate (i.e. on the server-side), not a client certificate. Cf. the according HTTPS sample in this doc page.

AFAIK, client certificates (i.e. identifying the client against a server) are only used in v12 with MobiLink clients, not with general database or web clients - cf. MobiLink's identify network protocol option for TLS/HTTPS.

(15 Jul '13, 18:14) Volker Barth

No. SSLv3 and TLSv1 connections are supported, but that particular cipher is not. The RSA ciphers we support are:

  • RSA with AES 256-bit CBC encryption and SHA-1 hash
  • RSA with AES 128-bit CBC encryption and SHA-1 hash
  • RSA with RC4 128-bit encryption and MD5 hash
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answered 15 Jul '13, 21:26

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Graeme Perrow
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I am guessing from articles like this, you won't be rushing to implement RC4.

(16 Jul '13, 06:00) Breck Carter

And then there is this article on the Quora website which (I confess) I'd never heard of, and which (I confess) I never would have visited if I'd read that it was founded by an ex-Facebooker... but... can Quora compete with StackOverflow?

Apparently, on its treatment of newbies, it sure can! If THIS website goes the way of SCN, perhaps there is a place to go on Quora :)

(16 Jul '13, 06:28) Breck Carter
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