I'm new to SQL Anywhere (as in 5 days...)

I've got an SQL Anywhere 11 DB on a windows host running a canned application. I have linux host that I'm developing some reports on and I'd like to query data from this database. What is recommended to install (isql dbisql, php with php*sqlanywhere, perl mod etc)?

Presuming its a SAP/Sybase software product * What product is it? * What does it cost? * Where do I get it? * How do I get a license? * Who / how do I contact sales

Thanks in advance,

.... david

asked 19 Aug '14, 13:30

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You may find answers to some of your technical questions here: http://dcx.sybase.com/index.html#1101/en/sqlanywhere_en11/help_top_index.htm

In particular, see this topic: SQL Anywhere Data Access APIs

Since full maintenance support (i.e., bug fixes) has ended for SQL Anywhere 11, I doubt you can buy a copy... you can still get technical support, but the sales folks might get all glassy-eyed if you say the word "eleven" :)... version 12 is fully supported and version 16 is available for sale.

The sap.com website is a nightmare to navigate, but it's all there... somewhere... here's a direct link to the SQL Anywhere store that will first require you to register for free. The cheapest copy seems to be U$768.

...and THIS FORUM is where to come for technical questions (nobody will say "Go RTFM!" :)

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answered 19 Aug '14, 14:00

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Breck Carter
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FWIW, you may also look for the free developer edition to make you familiar with the product, cf. the links on Breck's great SQL Anywhere blog - much better to navigate than the SAP website (for which the word "navigation" does not really fit, as that would require the possibility of a directed/controlled access...)

(19 Aug '14, 15:25) Volker Barth
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