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I'm setting up backup of a SA 12 64-bit server.

Where is the configuration, as entered in Service Properties in Sybase Central, stored ?

I have the datbase files, but for a quick restore I also need to restore each database service running on the server.

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Volker Barth

AFAIK, you can use the DBSVC utility to both create services and show their definitions and creation parameters.

On Windows, you can use the following command to list the creation commands of all SA services:

%SQLANY12%\bin64\dbsvc -cm -l

The following will list the creation commands of a particular sercive:

%SQLANY12%\bin64\dbsvc -cm -g MySaService

If you add "-o MyLog.txt", the output is written to a file, and you should easily be able to use these commands to create the services at another box.

Note: I haven't checked whether services created by Sybase Central are listed by dbsvc - but I would think so. And for reproducable results/configurations, I would generally recommend command line tools over GUI-based ones...

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answered 28 May '13, 03:43

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Volker Barth
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