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That is something I have not experienced here:

When trying to upload an image, after I have chosen the local image, the dialog shows some activity and then displays an error message:

"There was an internal server error uploading your file. Permission denied."

I have tried with several PNG files with (IMHO) uncritical properties and adequate size (15-55 KB) and can't upload any of these.

asked 18 Jan '17, 03:00

Volker%20Barth's gravatar image

Volker Barth
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Odd... I got the same problem with a .png file but this .jpg worked. I will investigate.


(18 Jan '17, 10:00) Graeme Perrow

FWIW, just happened again here

(06 Mar '17, 02:39) Volker Barth

And here's a png. I did restart the server so perhaps that cleaned up some weirdness but otherwise I have no explanation.

Mystery png

permanent link

answered 18 Jan '17, 10:06

Graeme%20Perrow's gravatar image

Graeme Perrow
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edited 18 Jan '17, 10:19

Hm, for me it still does not work on my office box, even with different browsers and file types (PNG vs. JPG). I'm gonna try with another machine lateron... :(

(19 Jan '17, 03:15) Volker Barth
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If you are still seeing this problem, please email the png file to me (myfirstname.mylastname @

(19 Jan '17, 10:58) Graeme Perrow

Seems to be a problem of my office machine (or network?). That's what I was shown when trying to upload the image of choice there (via Remote Control) - whereas I could load that image (and this here, apparently) from outside the office:

alt text

So I don't think it has to do with the particular image/file type/size... (And yes, I had already tried the inevitable "Did you reboot the system?" support recommendation:) )

@Graeme: The mentioned image was uploaded as file "Sqla2DbisqlMessageTabV16VsV17_14.PNG" - could you check whether there have been files "Sqla2DbisqlMessageTabV16VsV17.PNG" up to "Sqla2DbisqlMessageTabV16VsV17_13.PNG" uploaded to the server?

(19 Jan '17, 11:43) Volker Barth

OK, Graeme, those images seem to have been uploaded - here's the 11th one (I just used the markup code without uploading the file...) - and sorry, it's not as funny as all those other pictures here...:

enter code here

(19 Jan '17, 11:53) Volker Barth

Hmmm, let's see... (this is a reply rather than a comment since "upload an image" isn't available for a comment)...

...yup, it worked for me, for a local *.jpg file

alt text

permanent link

answered 18 Jan '17, 07:09

Breck%20Carter's gravatar image

Breck Carter
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edited 18 Jan '17, 07:10

Hm, for me it still does not work - but hey, thanks for that one:)

FWIW: When I want to use an image in a comment, I always use a fresh answer to do the upload and then copy the created lines to my comment - without submitting the the answer. Works well, usually.

(18 Jan '17, 08:20) Volker Barth

May I also upload something, even after the issue was magically fixed? Just in case, because I can :)

(18 Jan '17, 17:07) Vlad
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Let me try...
I will never do this again
Looks fine, isn't it? (308 kb, Firefox 51.0-beta)

(19 Jan '17, 08:27) Vlad

Trying to upload a PNG filealt text seems to work fine, but I intentionally selected a small one.

permanent link

answered 19 Jan '17, 07:42

Reimer%20Pods's gravatar image

Reimer Pods
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Wow, I seem to have started an incentive:)

Well, I thought I could try to upload your own profile jpeg (which is nice and just 1,2 KB) but it still fails for me...)

And one might think I have already uploaded too many images - but frankly, then Breck should be blocked, as well:)

(19 Jan '17, 07:57) Volker Barth
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Instead of uploading images, your posts will be more descriptive :)

(19 Jan '17, 08:31) Vlad

Well, if "a picture is worth a thousand words", how long do you expect my description of 1,2 KB to become? :)

(19 Jan '17, 09:40) Volker Barth

It will be a long comment, if its weight is 1.2 KB. You can write down steps that you did, your impression of the results, mention the weather outside and probably post the URL to any image hosted outside.

(19 Jan '17, 09:55) Vlad
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