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Hi, I want to ask, why SQL Anywhere service on Windows suddenly stopped. What caused it? Is it caused by memory that is not enough or something else. Hopefully anyone can help me to solve this problem.

asked 29 Jul '15, 07:44

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Have you looked in the Windows Application Event Log - this may give you more information? Which version of SQL Anywhere are you using?

(29 Jul '15, 08:27) Justin Willey
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The dbsrvXX -o console.log (in case you have used that) might give further clues, as well...

(29 Jul '15, 08:52) Volker Barth

when i open the Windows Application Event Log, this is the message:

" ERROR Assertion failed: 101413 ( Unable to allocate a multi-page block of memory".

(29 Jul '15, 12:06) govic19

You might want to move to a newer service pack level. This issue can cause that assertion and is resolved in the latest 12 release.

(29 Jul '15, 12:13) Mikel Rychliski

Build is the GA build of version 12.0.1, so rather old. I would recommend to try a newer EBF, compare that CR note that has been fixed way back in 2012:

    ================(Build #3589  - Engineering Case #700008)================

    Under rare circumstances, the server may have failed assertion 101413 - "Unable 
    to allocate a multi-page block of memory". This was more likely when 
    many (~5 or more) databases were running within a server, and when the server 
    was running with a small cache (less than 100M per database); and was more 
    likely to be seen when starting a new database after the server has been 
    running for some time. This has been fixed. A workaround is to start the 
    server with several extra databases, and then stop them as soon as the server 
    is started.

Note: Obviously, I cannot tell whether you have been running in that problem or another one...

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answered 29 Jul '15, 12:17

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Volker Barth
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Where can I find EBF for sql anywhere version 12?

(31 Jul '15, 00:03) govic19
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Have a look at that document (and its comments) - note, EBFs are now called Support Packages (SPs):

A Guide to Downloading SAP SQL Anywhere Support Packages

(31 Jul '15, 03:37) Volker Barth

...or you can look at the Latest EBFs page here.

(31 Jul '15, 08:17) Breck Carter

i think it can be not enough memory. but now i have a new problem. my SQL any service on WIndows 10 suddenly stopped. in event log viewer, there is a message like this

<eventdata> <data name="param1">SQL Anywhere - HPSOFT</data> <data name="param2">1</data> <binary>530051004C0041004E00590073005F004800500053004F00460054000000</binary> </eventdata>

i use server with WIndows 10 and 8GB memory. May be someone would help me explain this event. Thank you

(28 Nov '15, 17:18) govic19
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