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I had an issue with a webservice used to upload documents into the database. I was trying to figure out what was happening by enabling inbound HTTP logging.

In the end I figured out what was wrong in the code and solved it. However when uploading a document I still received errors. When I looked in the HTTP logging I noticed it was returning a 413 error.

[17/04/2024:12:03:45.250 0200] - 0.016 - - 8081 - "POST /rawUploadDocument HTTP/1.1" - 413 Request Entity Too Large - 361 - 

I disabled inbound HTTP logging and everything was working properly. I would not suspect that enabling logging would cause errors in the process.

Is there maybe something that needs to be configured to prevent this error from occuring?

asked 18 Apr, 02:12

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Frank Vestjens
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You don't mention the client being used that connects to the WebService.

(19 Apr, 03:21) gchq
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Does it matter?

It is an external .NET application where an user is able to upload documents. These documents are uploaded in batch every hour. However when the document could not be uploaded the application will retry it the next time. Because of the 413 error the same documents were uploaded over and over again

(19 Apr, 06:04) Frank Vestjens

Usually, a 413 file too large error is caused by either the client or the WebService. We had it with WPF Desktop <---Internet---> WCF <---Private Network---->SQL Anywhere Server - and pinned it down to the WPF client. May not be your problem, but thought it might be worth a mention.

(19 Apr, 06:14) gchq
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Tanks for your input.

If I stop inbound HTTP logging everything is running OK and the error does not occur and the documents are uploaded only once. That's my issue.

So as far I can conclude enabling the logging is causing the error.

(19 Apr, 09:06) Frank Vestjens
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