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i have table named "path" with a single column named "path file name" and it contains something like this below: 1. U:01.03.141878Box1819P3FarihaTanzir(Moniruzzaman)0103141(756).jpg 2.U:01.03.141876Box1807P3Arif(Mahfuz)151213Picture 96609.jpg 3.U:01.03.141130Box1781P3RakhiSwpna(Farah)0103141 (1486).jpg 4.U:01.03.141952Box1810P1Sufia(Jakia)010314Picture 25304.jpg

i want to get the names within the first braces() like: 1.Moniruzzaman 2.Mahfuz 3.Farah 4.Jakia

i have used combination of patindex(),charindex() and substring function with left and right but could not get the desired result ,plz help.

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Your question does not have anything to do with SQL Anywhere, so this is not the right place to ask it.

(02 Mar '14, 16:16) Breck Carter

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