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Hello everyone, my question is related to the configuration of the service on Anywhere 17. By having 20 databases, is there a difference in server performance if I define a single service that contains all the databases against sharing them in several services?

Thanks a lot!

asked 13 Jan '20, 20:02

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Here's an older discussion on that topic with different point of views.

To add a few points:

  • One server instance can better share its cache between many databases whereas 20 different server instances must restrict theis cache usage or will compete for RAM.
  • Each server instance will need its own port, whereas one server can use the default one.
  • With v16 and above, a former disadvantage of one single server instance is gone: A database assertion failure within one database does not affect other databases on the same instance. With v12 and below, it would stop all databases.

But in my understanding, this is not only a question of performance but with general maintenace. Say, you plan to upgrade the system. Is is fine for you to upgrade all databases at the same time? If not, several server instances might be more appropriate.

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answered 14 Jan '20, 03:56

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Volker Barth
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Just to add:

For v16, this is also mentioned in the Online Help as part of the FAQ:

(14 Jan '20, 10:24) Volker Barth

Thanks Volker for your help!. I have read the links you recommended and I discuss it with my colleagues.

(14 Jan '20, 11:56) JAValdez
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