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I'm still struggling to load my first EBF from the SAP Marketplace, the new place to go (sigh).

On the old Sybase EBF download page - as Justin has named it, truly a testimony of "wonderful triumphs of the user interface designer's art" - here's the result:

  • For Windows, all current EBFs are only available for both 32-bit and 64-bit, there's just one category "Windows":

alt text

In contrast, on the SAP Marketplace, there are different platforms listed for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows:

alt text


From the (very confusing) display I cannot find out whether I should download the 32-bit or the 64-bit package to EBF a 64-bit system with both 64-bit and 32-bit server components - or are they just the same download anyway (no, I won't donwload both to find out...)?

Please, I just want to find the same EBF packages as on the old Sybase site.

(The comparison leaves a lot more urgent questions, they are unspoken here and left as exercise for the dear reader...)

asked 04 Jun '14, 04:30

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Volker Barth
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no, I won't download both to find out...

This is even more true as I have not been allowed to download packages so far... SAP keeps telling me (translated from German):

"You don't have permission to download software. Please contact your company's super-administrator."

Poor me, Sybase has formerly spoilt me with the undeserved privilege to do downloads on my own...

As they say "You don't know what you got till it's gone"...

(04 Jun '14, 09:58) Volker Barth
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In other SAP news...

McDermott was quick to focus the message of his opening keynote to one word – simplicity. Apparently the man really, really hates simplicity's evil antagonist, complexity, and likens it to a death sentence for the enterprise.


"There will be those of you that say we can't simplify, that SAP itself has been too complex."

Fair point … so now what?

Well for starters, McDermott said this is a new era for SAP, one that removes the shackles of convolution, both internally and within the company's suite of enterprise products

- SAP's McDermott pushes free Fiori, simplification to appease customers

(04 Jun '14, 16:59) Breck Carter

SQL Anywhere bundles 32-bit and 64-bit Windows together. Therefore, these downloads should essentially be identical. The same is true for Linux.

permanent link

answered 04 Jun '14, 11:32

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Jason Noack
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If so, why are they listed in different categories? Is that just a general SAP-wise grouping? Or is this going to be re-united?

("should essentially be identical" is not the same as "there is just one", as any data modeler will know...)

(04 Jun '14, 11:51) Volker Barth
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What leaves engineering is identical, but I think Jason used the wording that he did because some meta data may get added that would make a 'diff' of the two downloads look different.

(04 Jun '14, 11:55) Mark Culp

Is that just a general SAP-wise grouping?

Yes. Other products use the same OS grouping.

Or is this going to be re-united?

We can certainly take this suggestion back to the group that manages the download area (it is undergoing a re-design as Mikel mentioned elsewhere), but similar to the Sybase situation, many groups share the interface and changing one area is not always possible. We'll see what can be done to improve the labelling.

(04 Jun '14, 12:35) Jeff Albion

@Jeff, thanks for considering my suggestion - I'm aware that the SQL Anywhere team has limited influence in these topics...

(04 Jun '14, 14:51) Volker Barth
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