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As the Marketplace seems to the place to go to get product downloads and EBFs in the near future, how do I get access to that?

I have a valid SPDC account and a valid SCN account but both do not work there. I'm told to use a "S User ID" to register (whatever that is), however, the according registration form requires a "Customer or Installation Number", and that is told to be one of the following:

  • In an SAP system you can find your installation number under System -> Status. Alternatively you can contact your SAP Support Center.
  • For SAP Business One the installation number can be found via menu Help -> About. Alternatively SAP Business One customers shall contact their partner.

Where does SQL Anywhere come into play here?

Do I need to ask my sales person to get one?

Frankly, that SAPification all seems to make things so complicated - last week I tried to re-enable an SCN account, and it took me almost half an hour to successfully reset the "Password reset dialog": No matter how complicated my PWD attempt was, I always was told (in German): "Komplexität des Kennworts unzureichend" (i.e. "insufficient password complexity") - until I noticed I had to use a password with exactly 8 characters (and not "at minimum 8").

Personally, I consider humility a virtue but I don't like a simple "Change password dialog" to make me feel like a complete fool or worse...

Note: I'm aware that the very helpful Sybase/iAnywhere folks are not responsible and should not be blamed for that migration, and that this question may sound off-topic here - however, I would not even know how to ask such questions in the SAP/SCN web jungle...

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Volker Barth
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If you are a Sybase partner, you should have received some mails fom SAP welcoming you and telling you the created s-user ID.

Probably if you buy a SAP Sybase support package you will become a customer and you can use the above mentioned way with the Installation number.

For currently active support plans you should have received mails from SAP too. Otherwise you will have to contact your sales rep.

Off topic: You will need extra training for using the Marketplace.

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answered 03 Jun '14, 08:16

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Thanks for the information - I'm quite sure I have not got such a mail in the last monthes... So I'll call my sales rep. (I tried to use the previous Sybase customer numbers but they were rejected...)

Off topic: You will need extra training...

Yes, I'm prepared for that:)

(03 Jun '14, 08:32) Volker Barth
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> You will need extra training for using the Marketplace

It's early in the day, but that is probably the funniest thing I'm going to hear all day (including two episodes of Silicon Valley waiting on the DVR)

Seriously, someone at SAP should have a look at the internet some day (for example, to see how to build a "marketplace".

Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, makes customers take tutorials on shopping. The idea is offensive on many levels.

(03 Jun '14, 09:24) Breck Carter

Shame on me - I should have better sorted out my (physical) desktop, the letter was there (well, at least for one of the accounts:)...

(04 Jun '14, 04:05) Volker Barth
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Sigh. We do have more than one Sybase PDC account, and so we have gotten several S-User IDs, and though the SAP support contact is really friendly and helpful I have still not been able to get access to all required products and licenses. The migration from SPDC to the SAP Market Place is really not been satisfying so far...

Shame on me

While I certainly take the blame for having overseen a letter from SAP, the rest is up to you, dear SAP...

(23 Jun '14, 09:08) Volker Barth

This answer anticipates what happens once you have your S-User ID and try to use it :)

OK - I have just used an hour of my life (and that of a very helpful & patient chap at SAP support) to find how to download an ebf - so while I can remember here are some tips

  1. you need a S-User ID - eg S0010303044 which should have be emailed to you. If not contact your sales / OEM rep.

  2. You need a password which has to be exactly 8 characters, with a letter a number and a bit of punctuation. The online password changing is a bit flaky I found. If you have trouble, the SAP support folks can do it for you.

  3. Choose a password you can remember - you will be using it a lot.

  4. Start at and login in.

  5. Go to the Software Downloads tab (you may have to enter your credentials again)

  6. Then in Find Your Software, under A-Z Index (this is all in the middle of the screen, not the navigation area) choose Support Packages & Patches.

  7. Choose S

  8. Choose Sybase(!) SQL Anywhere

  9. Choose the major version

  10. Choose the Platform

  11. Then at the bottom of the screen choose the EBF you want and either click on the hyper link or Add to Download Basket.

  12. Enter your credentials again

  13. Watch EBF download

There is a way of reducing the credentials insanity, which is to request a "Single Sign-on Certificate" also known as an "SAP Passport" at This installs a certificate in your browser which you offer instead of credentials each time.

Another confusion is that there seem to be two versions of the web site that look a bit different - the more sophisticated one at and a more basic one at

The base versions of software can be found at Installations and Upgrades rather than Support Packages and Patches in 6 above.

A Clarification

In the past I may have referred to the Sybase EBF / Maintenance pages, and the Sybase Product Download Centre, on this forum and on the old news groups as "somewhat clunky", "un-intuitive" or even "hopeless". What I meant of course was that they were "wonderful triumphs of the user interface designer's art - unparalleled among support sites"

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answered 03 Jun '14, 11:11

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Justin Willey
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A Clarification

LOL - that certainly made my day:)

And thanks for that check list - compared to Breck's Database Tracing In 50 Easy Steps, it certainly looks even easier...

Can't wait to get my S-User ID to try it myself.

(03 Jun '14, 11:40) Volker Barth

Hi Justin,

The support portal you are using is in the process of being replaced by a more user friendly one. Because of this there are currently several ways to access SAP support services.

To help clear things up:
Service Marketplace
Links to various product support sites (SCN forums, documentation, support portal)
Support Portal (Old)
Download service packs, search KBAs, open incidents
Support Portal (New)
Download service packs, search KBAs, open incidents
Better user interface
Replacing the old support portal
Support Portal (Sybase)
Download service packs, search KBAs, open incidents
Limited to former Sybase products only
Excludes content that doesn't apply to former Sybase products

(03 Jun '14, 14:23) Mikel Rychliski
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Thanks Mikel - that does help explain things and the short-cuts look useful. It might be worth doing some sort of newsletter to the SQLA user base with these details and any other help as I suspect come the end of the month people will be getting a bit "excited" :)

(03 Jun '14, 14:41) Justin Willey

Just to add:

In case the previous Sybase SPDC account was registered with more than one person, you may get the same message (translated from German):

"You don't have permission to download software. Please contact your company's super-administrator."

SAP, are you kidding me? I have to ask a colleague of mine to allow me to download an EBF?

I'm really starting to get annoyed by all that...

(04 Jun '14, 04:55) Volker Barth
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the best is, if you use one of the links it asks for credentials, but then you still are just a guest until you click again on login...

(04 Jun '14, 05:06) Martin

> I'm really starting to get annoyed by all that...

Apparently SAP has adopted Air Canada's motto... We're not happy until you're not happy!

(04 Jun '14, 09:29) Breck Carter

> some sort of newsletter to the SQLA user base

"Newsletter" implies monthly or some such thoughtful schedule. At the rate changes a daily email blast might not suffice... perhaps an hourly Twitter feed is necessary.

(04 Jun '14, 09:34) Breck Carter

> wonderful triumphs

The very same thought was festering in the cesspit of my mind :)... now you get the credit for being a hater instead of me ("hater" being the new PC term for anyone who dares to disagree).

(04 Jun '14, 09:41) Breck Carter

There is a way of reducing the credentials insanity, which is to request a "Single Sign-on Certificate" also known as an "SAP Passport" at This installs a certificate in your browser which you offer instead of credentials each time.

Unfortunately, according to SAP support, that is not supported in case you want to use more than one s-user ID on the same machine - that's a pity because the client certificate really helps to reduce the need to re-enter the same credentials over and over (and it would help even more when you have to use several credentials)...

(23 Jun '14, 10:10) Volker Barth

I am sure hoping the last EBF I successfully downloaded (Build 1824) will last me for at least 20 years while I figure out how to get the next one...

(23 Jun '14, 14:14) Bill Aumen
2, AFAIK build 1824 has been withdrawn, possibly because it didn't actually fix all of Heartbleed.

Those years just fly by, don't they? :)

(23 Jun '14, 16:27) Breck Carter

Breck, are you going to update your great Latest EBFs page one more time? - Currently it's a bit outdated... (yes, I know it's difficult to adapt when released EBFs are being withdrawn silently, and all URLs may be moot next week...)

(24 Jun '14, 03:29) Volker Barth
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So THAT'S why SQLA keeps telling me updates are available, but when I clicked on the info link it took me to the 1824 page.

(24 Jun '14, 11:02) Bill Aumen

So I tried the more info link again which took me to the downloads page and I got my 1915 update. Yea! Squeezed in under the wire.

(24 Jun '14, 12:27) Bill Aumen
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FYI, we recently published a guide that explains how to obtain SQL Anywhere SPs from the SAP Marketplace. Here's the URL:

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answered 06 Jun '14, 11:31

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José Ramos
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