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A while ago, Jeff has informed about new "permanent links" to the newest EBF readme files for all SQL Anywhere versions starting with v9.

To cite from that answer (as it is somewhat buried within that other FAQ):

We will now be maintaining 'primary README Notes' separately that will contain the most up-to-date SQL Anywhere README information in the Note directly - you can view the SQL Anywhere 9, 10, 11, 12 and 16 Notes here:

[...] we will update them as required so that there is one link that contains a text version of the README in the SAP Note system and customers have one common place to go to find the information (rather than clicking through the screenshots I show above).

A good idea and a helpful service, apparently.

However what I'm missing here is the choice to filter these readme files based on a "known" version - particularly if one tries to use these readme files to find out about new fixes, it would be very handy if they could be filtered like the "normal" readme files that are part of the EBF install.

The permament readme files seem to miss that filter feature:

alt text

So where can I find a "filterable" readme that helps me to find out, say, about the new fixes between and

FWIW: The readme page does contains some buttons to access a printer-friendly version, a PDF document and to compare doc versions but all that's not what I'm looking for...

asked 18 Nov '14, 03:28

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Volker Barth
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Here's a link to a summary page that makes the latest EBF readmes for all current versions publically available - posted by Mark on another FAQ:

That will show something like this:

alt text

and these documents are the "filterable" ones as desired.

(I don't know if this link will be announced officially or falls under the "stealth marketing" approach - but as you guys keep listening to us customers and solve that "readme availability problem" it surely should get honoured. - A BIG THANKS to you!)

permanent link

answered 19 Jan '15, 03:36

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Volker Barth
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Is this page going to be maintained?

Today it looks like shown in the image, although (SP 86) for Windows has been released already three weeks ago (and even newer EBFs for Linux exist).

And does that list relate to a particular common OS platform (say, Windows as the most used one) or to the newest EBF on all platforms?

I would still love to get informed on new EBFs, sigh.

(18 Feb '15, 16:27) Volker Barth
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For v16, (SP 31) has been released in the meantime.

Given the obvious lack of official information on the maintenance of the mentioned site, I'll treat it as a kind of "as is" list, which is of course counter-productive when meant as a "latest EBF" overview.

If it were a materialized view, it would be called "stale" now...

(02 Mar '15, 07:01) Volker Barth

Never mind, as Reimer has shown, I'm proven wrong, in the meantime the page lists:

  • SQL Anywhere Readme
  • SQL Anywhere Readme
  • SQL Anywhere Readme

So stay tuned, it "stealth marketing updating":)

(05 Mar '15, 10:02) Volker Barth

Sorry for the delay in getting 2087 visible to users. We're implementing/working through some new processes and it has taken some time to get all the pieces in place. 2087 should be visible by the end of today.

(05 Mar '15, 13:42) Mark Culp

Just to illustrate - the readme files of a particular EBF does contain the filter feature, so possibly it's required to dig into the SAP support page and look for the according EBF and download its "info file" and - here you go. - But as stated, that's not very comfortable...

alt text

permanent link

answered 18 Nov '14, 03:49

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Volker Barth
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That was not meant as an answer (and is not IMHO), but adding it as a comment broke the page's layout:(

(18 Nov '14, 03:50) Volker Barth
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Actually, this is indeed the correct answer to this problem (for now), and I agree that the current arrangement isn't ideal or convenient.

If you need to filter between SP versions, you will need to continue to use the original "Info" links next to the SP links and download the HTML file attachment separately, then type in the filter.

Unfortunately, the JavaScript that does the filtering in our HTML document can't be ported over to the SAP Note publishing platform.

(18 Nov '14, 12:47) Jeff Albion

Today I downloaded EBF 1600_2087 for Mac-OS. Like usually with Windows-EBFs I've tried to extract the readme file from the (deeply nested) archive, but to no avail. The link in this thread (in Volkers answer) points to Build 2065, not 2087. But following the Info link in the line with the downloadable file and clicking on the link in the next dialogue I could open the sought-after EBF readme file.
So just in case other people wonder how to access this information, this is it. Drawback: you'll need a valid login for the SAP Market Place with access to SQL Anywhere downloads.

alt text

permanent link

answered 05 Mar '15, 09:07

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Reimer Pods
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edited 05 Mar '15, 09:08

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