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(the title says it all)

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asked 10 Nov '09, 14:28

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Breck Carter
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edited 11 Jan '14, 07:55

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Graeme Perrow

This bounty is still open! Post anything as an answer, so I can sling some manu... um, points your way!

The winning contestant will be chosen by a completely unfair and subjective process.

(20 Nov '09, 11:23) Breck Carter

The prize has been awarded, stay tuned for the next bounty question!

(23 Nov '09, 20:01) Breck Carter

I have to say that they have been occasions when I would have liked to be able to have deleted embarassing NNTP posts! I suppose that one could always just ask an administrator nicely.

Similarly, one might want to get rid of a really stupid question, but if it's been answered then it really should be left (unedited - or it could make a nonsense of the answers) and one just has to add ones mea culpa at the end, and live with it.

Anyway as you imply, one may not be the only person looking for an answer to the stupid question!

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answered 23 Nov '09, 16:15

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Justin Willey
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And we have another winner!

(23 Nov '09, 20:00) Breck Carter

Sure, if it is completely wrong, and someone else has posted a correct answer.

But, it's kinda spooky when stuff disappears down the memory hole. In a lot of cases, answers contain valuable information even if they aren't perfectly correct... or perfectly applicable. In those cases it might be better to edit the answer to preserve a discussion of techniques that might work in other scenarios but not this one, or to point out "why this won't work" or "why this isn't the same thing".

It's up to you. Just remember, if you're coming from the NNTP world, there was no delete button there and AFAIK nobody missed it :)

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answered 10 Nov '09, 14:31

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Breck Carter
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I I've been in a such a hurry klicking on "Post Your Answer", my question being so urgent that i don't even bother to read what I've written, I might want do delete it later.

But otherwise I think it's enough I'm able to edit it, if I change my mind.

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answered 20 Nov '09, 13:54

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Reimer Pods
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You've got 152 points now, is that enough? Pirate

(20 Nov '09, 16:03) Breck Carter
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