help use Markdown!thank

asked 08 Sep '13, 13:21

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Some hints as to what does not work for you would be worthwhile - otherwise your suggestion seems "too inconvenient", methinks...

(09 Sep '13, 04:29) Volker Barth

copy or input sql code too bad

(09 Sep '13, 07:20) mfkpie8
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Now I'd like to know whether the votes express the voters's opinion that

  • the Markdown behaviour is acceptable or even good or (1)
  • the tone and contents of this suggestion are not appropriate?

(1): I'll bet it's an OR here, not an XOR:)

(10 Sep '13, 01:24) Volker Barth
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My opinion, that markdown isn't acceptable and needs to improve, but tone of this suggestion is not appropriate.

(10 Sep '13, 04:26) AlexeyK77

I hope I understand what you are having trouble with.

For inputting SQL code, just copy / paste and then apply the little icon with the 101/010 on it to the code. And then you get something like this...

  SELECT i.ID,i.LineID,i.ProductID,i.Quantity,
         s.Region,e.GivenName||' '||e.Surname
    FROM GROUPO.SalesOrderItems AS i
        JOIN GROUPO.SalesOrders AS s
        JOIN GROUPO.Employees AS e
    WHERE s.ID=i.ID
        AND s.SalesRepresentative=e.EmployeeID;

That's all there is to it.

permanent link

answered 09 Sep '13, 09:15

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thanks ! I think I will can you help me this question the web site was :

(09 Sep '13, 10:47) mfkpie8
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