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How do I get backslashes to appear properly in my SQL Anywhere Forum question or answer?

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asked 03 Mar '11, 14:08

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Ian McHardy
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Mark Culp

One thing that I had to get used to when using markdown (the text format language used by SQL Anywhere Forum) is backslashes. If I type c:\temp in the body of a question or answer, it appears as c:temp. In order to get backslashes to display properly, you can:

  1. use back quotes (`) around the path - entering `c:\temp` appears as c:\temp
  2. double the backslashes - entering c:\\temp appears as c:\temp
  3. put the path in a code block (indent it by 4 spaces):


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answered 03 Mar '11, 14:09

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Ian McHardy
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...and I bet the "doubled backslashes" method will be the most common to all SQL users:)

(03 Mar '11, 14:21) Volker Barth

What's about formatting *words_with_underscores* (also in bold: words_with_underscores)? Do they need to get masked with a backslash as in SQLA? - Obviously not.

Note: The preview does show the following as bold/italic/bold (what lead to my observation) but the real display is o.k.


Something to be improved?

(Note: In SQLA, the display is different: Underscores within italics prevent the rendering as italics.)

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answered 03 Mar '11, 14:20

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Volker Barth
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