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Should I ask for an extension on the deadline?

"This site will remain free and operational until at least Wednesday, April 13, 2011."

asked 15 Jan '11, 16:21

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Breck Carter
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edited 18 Mar '11, 12:51

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Mark Culp

The machine itself is finally available to us, and I've begun the process of setting it up. However, it is not yet visible from outside our firewall. We have an open issue with Sybase IT which we will likely escalate next week if it isn't resolved. Once it's visible, it won't take long to import the latest data from this site, and we can start beta testing.

As (I believe) we've mentioned before, the import of the newsgroup data will occur at a later date.

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answered 15 Jan '11, 22:54

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Graeme Perrow
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Graeme, is there any chance of Sybase documenting what they've done to integrate OSQA with a SQL Anywhere back-end (as I believe the plan was)?

(16 Jan '11, 09:14) Vincent Buck

@Graeme: "...Sybase IT which we will likely escalate next week if it isn't resolved..." - so Breck's image was chosen right? - Cf.

(16 Jan '11, 12:29) Volker Barth

@Vincent: Our plan is to push all of the changes to OSQA back into the open source project. Some of the changes have already been made available. Integration with SA was quite simple and you can do that without any changes to OSQA - you just need to use SA's django driver.

(16 Jan '11, 14:34) Mark Culp
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