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I am trying to install sybase sql anywhere version 10.0 on a windows 8 machine. The install completes, but the program will not let me create a new service. Any thoughts? I used the ebf_3897 patch n the install, but someone indicated it may be wrong. Your help is appreciated

asked 08 Jan '13, 10:25

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B Fehrman
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Volker Barth


SQL Anywhere 10.0.x does not support Windows 8 and was end-of-life'd in January 2012. Please see our (archived versions) support matrix for further details:

The latest Windows OS supported for 10.0.1 is Windows 7 / 2008 R2, after EBF and higher.

The install completes, but the program will not let me create a new service.

Please explain your steps fully here. What command did you try, did you see any errors, and what was the result?

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answered 08 Jan '13, 11:14

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Jeff Albion
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Jeff, I go to file new service and I use the wizard......I enter all the data and parameters just like my XP machine....when I get to the end of the CREATE SERVICE WIZARD, I hit finish ( which starts the new service ) and An error box pops up. It says the "service could not be created" and the details area says "an unknown error has occured"

(08 Jan '13, 12:23) B Fehrman
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This is likely a permissions issue. If you shut down Sybase Central (ensure 'scjview.exe' is not running), and restart it using "Run as Administrator", do you see the same issue? Is 'dbelevate10.exe' in the $SQLANY10\win32 or $SQLANY10\x64 folder?

What happens if you just use the 'dbsvc' command-line tool?

As I mentioned, this issue will not be fixed in SQL Anywhere 10, if it isn't already fixed by the latest EBF (Windows x86/x64, as the product is end-of-life'd.

(08 Jan '13, 12:28) Jeff Albion

YOU ARE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it worked running as ADMIN and the dbelevate10 files are all there

(08 Jan '13, 12:59) B Fehrman
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