Hi, How can I retrieve client device ID or device detail from mobilink log file. I am not able to relate remote_id with device. in other words I need to know from the log that which device is synced. Even I tried with high level of verbosity option (mlsrv16 –vUR ). My sample setup is MSSQL consolidated database and ultralie database (iPhones)

kindly guide me for the above request. thanks in advance.

asked 04 Sep '14, 07:00

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Murugesh PA
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MobiLink and UltraLite aren't concerned about which device the UltraLite database resides on. It can be moved from one device to another, and the remote-id (which you can see with the -vR verbosity option) is used to identify the UltraLite database.

If this is an SUP application, I believe much of the information that SUP uses to identify the device can be found in the HTTP headers of the requests being made. There is an undocumented stream option parameter that can be used to show the headers for each synchronization, but this isn't something I'd suggest in a production environment, as it is quite verbose.

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answered 04 Sep '14, 08:37

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In 12 and later, if the collect_network_data stream option is set, then the NetworkData class will contain the HTTP headers.

(04 Sep '14, 11:57) Bill Somers
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Thanks for the input. my application is not SUP & MobiLink usernames are not unique. i also noticed the remote_id for the ultralite on the device is not changing until re-install the app. Is that is true,then i will manually have the document with all the remote ID mapped with device names (manually identify at once). i will have to keep the document uptodate whenever changes to the DB.

regards Murugesh P.A

(05 Sep '14, 00:23) Murugesh PA

The remote ID can be defined by the application. By default, the remote id is set at the first synchronization as an unique identifier. However, you can provide any valid varchar(128) value that is unique across the system.

The application could set a RID that includes information about the device. To use this technique, you need to set the ml_remote_id on the client. Look for ml_remote_id in the documentation for information on how to set that value.

(05 Sep '14, 08:13) Chris Keating
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