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If I have an old Watcom database ...

  1. How can I tell which version of Watcom it is?

  2. How can I migrate this so I can use the data and upgrade to a newer database system?

asked 23 Oct '12, 03:32

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Mark Culp

Do you have only the database without the associated software? In that case it could be helpfull to dump the first block of the database file (.db). It might contain something like
"WATCOM International Corp., Copyright (c) 1987, 1994"
to indicate the version it was created with.

(23 Oct '12, 07:33) Reimer Pods

1) Look at "Properies" -> "Details" -> "File version" in explorer for dbeng*.exe or run a "select @@version" SQL statement. 2) The dbunload tool of newer versions can be used to unload or upgrade the databases.

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answered 23 Oct '12, 05:33

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Hartmut Branz
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This will tell the version of the database engine, which is not necessarily the same as the version of the database file itself.

(23 Oct '12, 06:50) Volker Barth

There is no way to find out the exact version with that a Watcom SQL database has been created. But anyway, its enough to know which version of Watcom SQL software can start and use the database file.

(23 Oct '12, 07:20) Hartmut Branz
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@@version does not tell you what version CAN start and use the database file, since you must HAVE started the database before you can use @@version... and at that point, you no longer need to run @@version :)

(23 Oct '12, 08:19) Breck Carter
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