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Can you please provide a link where I can examine what the differences are upgrading from 9.0 to 12? Is 12 the latest version? When is the next one coming out? We're upgrading all of our servers and wondering if there might be any snags.

asked 16 May '12, 16:59

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Mark Culp

The product documentation covers the new features and behaviour changes. For changes within the SA9 version, see

and for changes in 10 and up, see

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answered 16 May '12, 18:50

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Chris Keating
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@larryh77: When reading the docs that Chris listed, drill down and pay close attention to the "Behavior Changes" topics in each subsection.

Then, if you have any questions about what you find, post them as new questions in this forum.

(17 May '12, 08:26) Breck Carter

I think this is what you are looking for: SQL Anywhere® 12 Changes and Upgrading

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answered 16 May '12, 18:50

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I recently was part of the development process that went from ASA 8 to ASA 12. The area that has cause the most problems (around 20 procs and selects) was the new constraint arouund forward referenceing in the from clause. This causes a runtime error so you must run every SELECT to find the problem ones. Given the number of procedure (800) we had to review, one of the programers wrote some parsing code to find canidate SQL.

The problem selects were caused by combining old and new join syntax in the from clause. After converting to all new syntax (using on clause) the issues go away at least for the SQL we wrote. Since some of the code is from ASA 5 originally this is not to bad. One other query cause problems, we had to move what used to be in the from clause to the where clause. The query had to be rewritten because the original query went from under 1 second to over 3 minutes to complete. A simple rewrite got it back to the original response time (covert to using a sub-select).

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answered 18 May '12, 12:13

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