Thank you for any assistance that may be provided. I have done quite a bit of searching on this question, I'm not sure if the situation is possible.

Situation: Need to deploy SQL Anywhere 9.0.2 with EBF-3924 to a large number of computers. We use a packaging application to autodeploy almost all of our software. However, the complexity of the installation process for SQL Anywhere brings me to these questions:

  1. Is it possible to slipstream EBF-3924 into the SQL Anywhere 9.0.2 installation so that I don't have to use a two step installation process?
  2. Are there any MSI installers for the base and/or patch install package?
  3. Is there an options file I can create or modify so that the installation can be automated and installed silently?

Again I appreciate the help.

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Mark Culp

For a silent install you can see the discussion on how it can be done for a 12.01 EBF installation. I am not sure if the same would fully apply for 9.02 but I think it would be worth a try.

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answered 30 May '12, 18:30

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For v10 and above, I would recommend to use the Deployment Wizard. Sadly, that does not work with v9.

For v8 and v9, we have used The "InstallShield silent setup" feature (IIRC, in a fashion as documented here - for v10.0.1). When using that, we had to run separate setups for the GA, MR and "latest EBF" and had to put them beneath a "main setup", so in your case that would still be two separate setups for the 9.0.2 GA and the EBF. - I hope there are better solutions available.

Note: There is also a lot of documentation how to build a custom install and/or integrate the SQL Anywhere setup in your own installation, see here for v10.0.1, in case that is an option, too.

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answered 31 May '12, 03:54

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