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Hi, upgrading SQL Anywhere with latest EBF from to

Went just fine on two laptops running Windows 10 Pro fully updated.

But on our Test server (Windows 2019 Server standard) the EBF installation fails with error message

**Could not load the Java virtual machine library

C:\Program Files\SQL Anywhere 17\Bin32\jre180\bin\server\jvm.dll

Windows error code 126

The specified module could not be found.**

And then the same for Bin64 folder.

Now I've checked Program Files folder, and there is 100% the file jvm.dll in both the Bin32 and Bin64 subfolders of the SQL Anywhere folder after the EBF 7254 installation. Same size, same Date/Time stamp just like on my laptop that is not experiencing the issue.

The big problem is that neither SQL Central nor Interactive SQL can start, they are giving the same error message. When I check the database connectivity and service via ODBC, they seem to be OK with "Connection successful", but I cannot bring up SQL Central at all.

I remove the entire SQL Anywhere 17, same error message appear twice more, reinstall clean 17, patch up to, everything is fine again.

What's up with that 7254? How do I fix this problem?

Just to add, I can see that EBF 7312 was released 10 days ago, but when I try "Check for updates" via SQL Central, it says that there are no available updates.

asked 28 Mar '23, 07:19

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edited 28 Mar '23, 07:37

I managed to download RBF 7312 via SAP portal, but when installing it (over 7059) the identical issue at the same place, upon "Registering Administration tools".

(28 Mar '23, 07:48) PcrMember

Can I confirm that you have installed the runtime referenced in the readme file (as well as the EBF release notes - although there the problem with the readme in 7312).

(28 Mar '23, 11:28) Chris Keating
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Thanks Chris, I confess I didn't read it, I've been installing SQL Anywhere updates since late 1999, so it just became a habit rather than something to be done carefully lol

(29 Mar '23, 03:31) PcrMember

For the record - I ran into this problem installing SQL Anywhere 17 download by a customer following purchase through the SAP online store. We did not have the benefit of a "release notes" document to inform us of prerequisites. I pushed the installer through a number of the "jvm.dll" messages, and upon completion, SQL Central would not run. I downloaded "vc_redist.x64.exe" from , ran it As Administrator, then re-ran the SQL Anywhere installer selecting Modify/Repair. The installer completed without incident and then SQL Central ran.

(18 Mar, 16:28) dharrel

you have to install the actual visual c runtime

permanent link

answered 29 Mar '23, 02:26

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Thanks Markus, done :-)

(29 Mar '23, 08:19) PcrMember

Hi there, It needs MS Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable

permanent link

answered 29 Mar '23, 04:18

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Yup, Chris and Markus were quicker, thanks :-)

(29 Mar '23, 08:19) PcrMember
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