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I have had some (but by no means universal) issues with the EBF ebf installer complaining that the file c:\windows\system32\WindowsAccessBridge-64.dll is missing and the installer being unable to run further.

I think the file is a component of Java. Previous ebfs (eg 2417) had been installed on the same machines without a problem.

I found copies of WindowsAccessBridge-64.dll in several locations, including C:\windows\syswow64. Just copying one of these over allows the installer to run, with no apparent ill effects. All the machines with the issue are Windows 10 with the "Creators Update", but there aren't enough examples without on other Windows versions to make a correlation useful.

Is this anything to worry about?

asked 26 Sep '17, 14:05

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Justin Willey
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This DLL is related to the Java Access Bridge which provides access to accessibility functionality on Windows. I currently cannot explain why this has started occurring for some of your install locations. I am unable to reproduce this even when the DLL is not in the Windows\System32 directory or on the path. It is odd that you found that DLL in the Windows\syswow64 directory. That directory is intended for 32 bit DLLs and the WindowsAccessBridge-64.dll is a 64 bit binary.

(27 Sep '17, 15:28) Chris Keating
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Many thanks Chris. It is odd isn't it.

I'm beginning to think there may be a connection with the graphics program yEd (or possibly another Java based application), which is installed on at least some of the machines. Doing a thorough search for copies of the dll finds quite a few copies strewn about the place.

The version of the dll in syswow64 ties up with the one in the yEd install folder, but also some other ones. However yEd was installed between the last successful ebf application and the recent attempt. This makes me wonder (but not at all sure) if the yEd installer has something to do with it.

(27 Sep '17, 16:04) Justin Willey
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