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Under no circumstances should any GUI, documentation or correspondence refer to the keyword HOST without making it exactly clear WHICH flavor of HOST it's referring to:

  1. HOST connection parameter, as in UID=DBA;PWD=sql;Server=sales;Host=elora:2638

  2. HOST network protocol option, as in links=tcpip(HOST=myhost)

Note: The HOST connection parameter has been introduced with SA12. From the SA 12 "What's new" section:

TCP/IP connections – If you are connecting over TCP/IP, the database server name (specified by the ServerName (SERVER) connection parameter) is no longer mandatory if a host name is provided with the HOST connection parameter. See Host connection parameter.

From It is recommended that you always use the ServerName parameter, particularly for embedded applications.

Note: I am yet to be convinced that the HOST connection parameter offers any meaningful advantages over the HOST protocol option. AFAIK in V12 both are (by default) no longer just hints. Also, there's one disadvantage that is a showstopper in some applications: no extra TCP/IP parameters other than PORT when using the HOST connection parameter (you can't use LINKS to get them). ...but, I await convincing that I should store a new and somewhat limited technique in my definitely limited meatspace :) - Breck

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Breck Carter
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To clarify: Older versions cannot use the HOST connection parameter, i.e. "%SQLANY11%bin32dbisqlc" -c "HOST=MyHost;DBN=MyDatabase;UID=MyUser;PWD=MyPwd" will give an "invalid connection parameter" error.

(02 Dec '10, 10:50) Volker Barth

Correction: The HOST connection parameter is recommended over LINKS. It is still recommended to use SERVER (ENG) as well as HOST, but you no longer need to.

(02 Dec '10, 11:50) Graeme Perrow
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Late reply, I know, but this is great exhortation, Breck. For our next release, the docteam will take a look at existing references to HOST in the docs and make sure we're being specific enough.

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...and now you're in the top half of page 4!

(06 Oct '11, 13:22) Breck Carter
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Just a very subtle hint...

(11 Oct '11, 16:27) Volker Barth

...breaking news... LQN is now on page 3! ...

(12 Oct '11, 05:20) Breck Carter
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