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I'm about to install the brandnew SA 12 developer edition for doing version tests.

Will I be able to "upgrade" that version to a "fully paid" version later on (i.e. when I have got the according license key) without having to uninstall and reinstall the whole product as it seems to have been necessary with previous versions?

I guess I have read somewhere that the SA 12 install program is able to accept a different license key and then to "change the edition" without further uninstall/install steps.

Please confirm confirm or correct my assumptions.

asked 13 Jul '10, 11:03

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Volker Barth
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Note: The first question with a sa-12 tag:)

(13 Jul '10, 11:05) Volker Barth


Moving from the Developer Edition to a fully paid version of SQL Anywhere requires you to use the Server Licensing utility (dblic) to change the license key to the appropriate edition you have purchased. You can then use the Add/Remove Programs functionality to install any additional Add-ons or modify your current installation.

Server Licensing utility (dblic) documentation:

When moving between the different editions of SQL Anywhere (i.e. upgrading from Workgroup --> Standard --> Advanced Edition) we recommend you uninstall and reinstalling SQL Anywhere. This will ensure all components of each edition are installed properly. Simply changing the license key will not install any additional components that might be included with the SQL Anywhere Edition you have purchased.

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answered 13 Jul '10, 15:30

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Josh Savill
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Josh, thanks for the pointer - yes, it was DBLIC -k registration-key I had read about. Nice feature:)

(13 Jul '10, 20:50) Volker Barth

Volker, you need to make sure when switching between keys, all the necessary files exist on your machine. For instance, when you install the Workgroup edition, you are not provided the FIPS encryption files. If you switch to the Advanced edition key using DBLIC, you still will not have the FIPS encryption files on your machine, even though you are now licensed to use them.

(14 Jul '10, 14:35) Josh Savill
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