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We recently upgraded our databases from SQL Anywhere 10 to SQL Anywhere 12 (

After this we receive an assertion failures very often. Here is some of them:
Assertion failed: 201129 ( File is shorter than expected;
Assertion failed: 201501 ( Page 0x0:0x705 for requested record not a table page;
Assertion failed: 200130 ( Invalid page found in index.

Is there a way to prevent such failures? Were they resolved in the EBF?

asked 30 Aug '11, 03:34

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Mary Poltinina
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As to the question whether newer EBFs have solved these issues (which I do not know...), you just might look into the readme of the newest EBF and search for these assertion numbers...

(30 Aug '11, 05:42) Volker Barth

The first and last assertions that you mentioned (201129 and 200130) are indicative of physical corruption of the database file, which we see from customers periodically when the database is stored on an SD card. Unfortunately, SD card storage is, often, not nearly as robust as other media. The second assertion, 201501, has a number of potential causes, but physical corruption is one of them.

I suggest you copy the database from the SD card, put it on a Windows XP (or Vista or Windows7) machine and see if you can start the database; then try to validate the database file using dbvalid.

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answered 31 Aug '11, 09:52

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Glenn Paulley
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Sounds to me like an error of the underlying filesystem. Is the error independent of the used hardware?

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answered 30 Aug '11, 04:50

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The remote database is used on the PDA under Windows Mobile 6 (we have tested it only on iPAQ214, 624 MHz, 128 Mb SDRAM). The database is stored on the SD Card.

(31 Aug '11, 05:16) Mary Poltinina
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