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v10.0.1.3976 64 bit Windows 2008 Server 32GB RAM, 200-300 busy users, 150GB database

Does anyone recognise this assertion-

* ERROR * Assertion failed: 104301 ( Attempt to free a user descriptor with non-zero reference count

The db engine apears to freeze every 30 - 60 mins & needs restarting.

It doesn't seem to be a corruption problem, we have restored back to a point sometime before it started happening and rolled logs forward - just starts happening again. No obvious correlation with any particular activity so far.


asked 08 Nov '10, 15:38

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Justin Willey
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Is this assertion failure the apparent cause of the freeze or is it happening when you shutdown the server after it freezes?

(08 Nov '10, 18:35) John Smirnios

Its not clear - I'll try to find out more.

(09 Nov '10, 12:27) Justin Willey
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Following an update to build 4501, things seem stable. The timing of the assertion still isn't clear - we probably won't be able to be sure unless the problem re-occurs. Thanks for taking a look.

(09 Nov '10, 14:31) Justin Willey

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Upgrade to build 4501 seems to fix - not clear what caused problem to start happening, however there were network config changes made around the time that the problem started.

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answered 11 Nov '10, 15:33

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Justin Willey
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