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// *Disclaimer* : I know very little about database servers, and basically nothing about SQL Anywhere. I'm just an intern trying to recover some information from an old database, so my terminology may sometimes be vague or even incorrect. //

I have a database file (.db extension) and logfile which I think were made using an old version of SQL Anywhere (5 or 6). I would like to import this database into SQL Anywhere 12. I've played around with the "Migrate Database" functionality of SQL Anywhere 12, but I don't really know what I'm doing. When I try to Migrate a database, I am asked to create a new "Remote Server" (which I give an arbitrary name), I pick "SQL Anywhere" for the server type, and am asked for an ODBC connection information string.

But...I'm just trying to import a database that is on the local hard drive, so why would I need a connection string? Is the Migrate Database tool the correct thing to be using, or is there another menu option that I don't know about (sort of like the "Attach Database" functionality of SQL Server 2008)? Is there some way to "Browse..." locally, and point at a database file, and then "open" the database and look at its contents (see table names, be able to query those tables)?

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To upgrade from an older version, you may use either the dbunload utility or the wizard in Sybase Central.

You may prefer to use a GUI to do this task, and for that I would recommend following the steps outlined at:

Note: Look for the "To rebuild a database (Sybase Central)" section.

There is a bit of information that you will have to specify when upgrading the database. Namely a username and password, as well as a encryption key if the old database is encrypted.

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This is just what I needed. Got it to work fine. Thank you very much, Tyson!

(30 Aug '11, 10:41) sygg13
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