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I just realized that the spatial data types are not available in a database that we moved from ASA6 to SQL Anywhere 12.

I'm not sure why, since we created a clean SQL Anywhere 12 database before loading our schema and data into the database.

Am I missing a possible setting that would turn off the spatial data types?

Any information would be appreciated. We are running SQL Anywhere 12.0.1 Build 3484.


Jeff Gibson
Intercept Solutions - Sybase SQL Anywhere OEM Partner
Nashville, TN

asked 29 Nov '11, 17:33

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Jeff Gibson
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You may need to install certain features first. If you haven't worked with the Spatial Data support yet, I would suggest visiting the tutorial in the help:

Tutorial: Experimenting with the spatial features

There's also a brief demo in the 10 Cool New Features in SQL Anywhere 12 whitepaper.

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answered 29 Nov '11, 19:27

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Tyson Lewis
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I was thinking that might be the case, but when I open the SQL Anywhere 12 demo database, all the spatial data types are available to use. That's what made me think it might be a setting in the database itself. Thanks for the link though. I'm sure it will help out with what I'm wanting to implement!!


(30 Nov '11, 01:15) Jeff Gibson

Wait a minute Tyson. Guess I should have looked at your link first. I see what's going on here. I'm guessing it looks like you have to implement the spatial features into your database.

Can anybody explain why this is though? My thought would be that spatial data types would be implemented automatically. Guess I'm just curious why this extra step is necessary.

I'm wondering if this is similar to implementing Java in the database.

TIA for any info!


(30 Nov '11, 02:05) Jeff Gibson
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Well, I have upgraded some v8 and v11 databases, and they all have had spatial data support enabled, so I'm not sure what feature you are exactly missing.

Does trying to create a spatial data type in a user table give an error?

That being said, there is the sa_install_feature() system procedure that you can use to add additional spatial reference systems, units of measure and the like.

I'm no spatial data expert at all, but I guess there are just a few common SRSs installed by default, since there are a whole bunch of them available and you usually only would want to use some of them (and I guess it needs some spatial expertise which one to use...).

(30 Nov '11, 03:23) Volker Barth

The reason may be to save a bit of space in databases that don't need spatial... the V12 demo db is about 1M larger than in V11 and "small footprint" is one of the hallmarks of SQL Anywhere.

(30 Nov '11, 06:24) Breck Carter
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