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I've read about this approach of rebuilding databases and it seems quite positive way. But it would be nice to have less steps. Now I have such a question: is it possible to apply SA11 transaction log to SA12 database without translating the log? Does the format of log files differ in these versions?

asked 13 Feb '12, 09:57

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Mismatched database formats and transaction logs are not supported.

There are log format differences between versions of the software. The server software assumes that when using a V12 database that the log file will contain V12 log entries, and if running a v11 database, the v12 server will assume a v11 log format. A mismatched database/log will lead to unpredictable results.

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answered 13 Feb '12, 10:17

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Glenn Paulley
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IMHO, this is only dealing with the SQL script translated from a v11 log, and not with the log file format itself.

Though I would agree that the translated script could contain syntax not applicable for v12, this would be a rather small risk in my very humble opinion...

(13 Feb '12, 10:43) Volker Barth
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Of course - the DBTRAN output of a transaction log is simply a set of SQL statements, and for the most part those statements should be processed by a v12 server in the same way as a v11 server. But Arthoor's query was specifically about not using DBTRAN, and applying the log directly during recovery.

(13 Feb '12, 11:09) Glenn Paulley

Sorry, you are so right.

That's the second time today I stumble over "not have read to the end" - see my Linked Server adventure. Another lesson learnt:)

(13 Feb '12, 11:13) Volker Barth

I've read that as "log files structures may change from one version to another". SQL changes IMVHO are another chapter (but may be in the same book). So I'd think SQL from translated log files could be executed successfully on a db running on a higher version engine.

(13 Feb '12, 11:14) Reimer Pods

Well, thanks for the answer.

(14 Feb '12, 07:42) Arthoor
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