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Should I move asa9 database to sa11 or forward to sa12?

  • About 110gb
  • Grows about 50mb/day
  • Web app (kind of internet banking)
  • About 1k concurrent users on website
  • About 100 concurrent

Licence isn't a problem, since we have both (9, 11 and 12).

asked 29 Sep '11, 21:45

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It seems to be the common observation here that both 11.0.1 and 12.0.1 look "stable enough".

So I would check whether there are

  1. discontinued features in v12.0.1 that still exist in v11.0.1 and are relevant to you and
  2. new features in v12.0.1 that seem useful (for productional usage)

I guess these are the points that will influence both your initial porting expenses and the possible coming savings/advantages by means of "better features" (easier/lesser to code, more opportiunities, whatever).

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answered 30 Sep '11, 06:57

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Volker Barth
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Would you run Windows Vista even though Windows 7 is far superior?

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answered 29 Sep '11, 23:06

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Calvin Allen
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And "Window 7" seems quite stable to me ;-)

(30 Sep '11, 03:04) Martin

I would recommend v12.01, too, - nevertheless, v11 does not deserve a "Vista-like" (i.e. not so positive) notion IMHO.

SQL Anywhere has delivered solid versions for years (well, can't tell for v6 and v7 as I have skipped them...).

(30 Sep '11, 03:45) Volker Barth

well, going directly to v12 will "kill two bugs with one hit", thus you will save one migration going 9->12 instead of 9->11->12.. We have lots of customers migrated to v1201 and its very stable, but also some still hanging on v9 or v10, who dont want to upgrade at all, because of superior stability. Its hard to say, but once you have to migrate to a supported version, I would recommend to go v12, as v11 is the next one to be obsoleted. On the other hand, consider lots of changes before each two verions, thus there is definitely more changes to watch out betwwen 9-12 than with 9-11 = possible more work.. :)

(30 Sep '11, 05:00) marchello
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V10 is still fully supported... FWIW 10.0.1 for Windows had an EBF in June 2011 which is two months after the most recent 12.0.1 EBF for Linux.

(30 Sep '11, 05:06) Breck Carter

yep, correct, v10 will retire Jan 2012. migration path is planned to v12, so I guess that counts double for v9 ;)

(30 Sep '11, 05:29) marchello

... though I remember some discussions here that have lead to bugfixes for v11 and v12 - and that were deliberately not ported to the v10 codebase because of its limited status...

(That's no critism, and I'm fine with these decisions, it's just an observation that "limited status" does have a meaning...)

(30 Sep '11, 06:44) Volker Barth

Actually our DB server runs on Windows 2003. We are planning to move it to Windows 2008.

(30 Sep '11, 09:51) Zote
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