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I have a UWP application targeted for the x64 platform using Visual studio 2019. I am using the Ultralite.winrt reference within my project. I am using the latest version of Microsoft.NetCore.UniversalWindowsPlatform. I will be sideloading the application. I have a Ultralite database that is valid(I can access the database using SQL17 DEVELOPER).

When I call the method UltraLite.DatabaseManager.Init() I get the following error 'The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)" Upon inspection of the Exception error class, it states the following Source-"System.Private.CoreLib" Stacktrace -"at System.StubHelpers.StubHelpers.GetWinRTFactoryObject(IntPtr pCPCMD)\r\n at UltraLite.DatabaseManager.Init()\r\n at WEMobileDataAccessV2.TNT_DataAccess.ConnectConfig() in C:\Users\eunderwood\Documents\Wellington\ServanywhereMobile\WellingtonV2\WEMobileDataAccessV2\WEMobileDataAccessV2\TNT_DataAcess.cs:line 286"

I can't get past the first call to the Ultralite object. Any help would be appreciated.

asked 21 Mar, 15:32

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Have you referenced the UltraLite.winmd in the project? And when you are running can the app resolve the location?

(26 Mar, 09:16) Chris Keating
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