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I'm coming from a .NET Ultralite background. I am converting our existing application to UWP/WinRT. I'm using SQL Anywhere 17 and Visual Studio 2017.

Where can I find the specific definition for the sync parameters? I have the basic ones via the code example but I need specific information. For example, if I want to set the sync to download only, what does the string look like? "Download Only = true"? or "DownloadOnly = true"? Previously, I just set these parameters in an object (ULConnection.SyncParms) and did not need to know the sync parameter names.

Also, is there a file transfer sample for Ultralite on WinRT?

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asked 22 Feb '18, 09:34

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The values are based on the Synchronization Profile options. For a download only sync, the value can be either of the following:


For more information, see UltraLite synchronization profile options

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answered 22 Feb '18, 10:45

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Chris Keating
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Thank you for the info, Chris. I wouldn't have known to look there. I've been using API Reference

I have another similar question - I'm getting a -1305 error (communications error) when I try to replicate. The GetLastError returns error parms also - how do I know what they mean? For example, I'm getting Error Code = [-1305] Error parms = 226,TCPIP ,0. What does the 226, and 0 mean? I understand those parameters are meant to be used for an error message, but what do they mean? I hope my questions makes sense and I hope understanding those parameters will help me troubleshoot issues I have replicating.

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(22 Feb '18, 14:20) Paula

The -1305 error is documented here. It indicates that there is some communication error. The context of the error is 226 is the Mobilink communication error code, TCPIP is the parameter to the communication error, and the 0 is the system error code. The error code 226 is documented here. It indicates that an invalid sync protocal has been supplied - the specific protocol is the second value TCPIP.

I generally see these used as lower case. Can you retry with tcpip rather than TCPIP? If that does not resolve the issue, can you share your full sync profile or send to me ( for review.

(22 Feb '18, 14:50) Chris Keating

Thanks for the suggestion (and all your help!).
Changing it to lower case did not fix it. Here's the string I've constructed for the sync parameters: (I changed ip and port, obviously).

MobiLinkUid=FESFLDPaula;ScriptVersion=MyReplication;DownloadOnly=True;Stream=tcpip (host=;port=1234)

(22 Feb '18, 16:18) Paula


I figured it out. I had a space between the Stream and the host MobiLinkUid=FESFLDPaula;ScriptVersion=MyReplication;DownloadOnly=True;Stream=tcpip (host=;port=1234)


Once I removed the space, it worked.

Thanks again for your help.

Is there a developer area with code samples for the WinRT Ultralite API?

(22 Feb '18, 16:26) Paula

There are UltraLite WinRT samples in the Samples directory. You can find those samples at %sqlanysamp17%. The default location for the samples is:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\SQL Anywhere 17\Samples

(22 Feb '18, 21:33) Chris Keating
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