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Hello good day!

I'm following the SAP Anywhere 16 tutorial: Http://

I have downloaded the relevant program: SQLA16Developer.

My goal is to test with UltraLite using the 'CustDB' example.

What happens is that when opening the custDB executable (As indicated by the tutorial) I get the following errors and the database 'empty':

  • Error during 'Startup' operation. [-954 custdb.udb]

  • Database initialization faliure

My operating system is 64-bit and x64 processor

Any help how to proceed in this case?

Thank you in advance for your attention.

asked 13 Jan '17, 07:53

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-954 is "database not found"... check your work for a speling misteak

(13 Jan '17, 08:00) Breck Carter
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Sorry. I miss that mistake as it is. I would pass the photo but I still do not have enough 'level' to attach it.

(13 Jan '17, 08:07) Santi

This error indicates that the CustDB app attempted to open "custdb.udb" -- in its current directory -- but failed to find the file. You must ensure that the current directory and location of custdb.udb match... Either launch the application from the directory containing custdb.udb, or copy custdb.udb to the applicable location.

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answered 13 Jan '17, 15:21

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Tim McClements
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Volker Barth

Okay. Thanks for everything. I had the files scattered. I am writing again for another question.

(16 Jan '17, 04:33) Santi
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