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The readme file for this SP (on Windows) is almost empty, both within the setup and on the SAP support portal.

Could this be fixed, please?

asked 28 Mar '23, 03:20

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Volker Barth
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edited 28 Mar '23, 03:23

We are aware and have fixed the issue with the tool that generates the readme. It is difficult to pull back an patch once it is posted. We have prepared the note 3315447 - HTML readme file for SQL Anywhere 17.0 SP1 PL11 Build 7312 is blank that includes the readme.

permanent link

answered 28 Mar '23, 07:14

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Chris Keating
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Thanks for the fast solution:)

(28 Mar '23, 08:00) Volker Barth

Could you also fix the according readme here? - And may we ask for https support there, too?

(29 Mar '23, 03:35) Volker Barth
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This is again very frustrating... Trying to get that readme, I get the following error:

You are not entitled to access SAP Note/KBA 3315447
The target audience for the SAP Note/KBA you were trying to reach does not match your profile.

Why not? I can download the complete suite, except the readme? Ever since the 'universal login' this site is giving me weird results.

Can you please add a link to the readme here?

(30 Mar '23, 02:36) ArcoW
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FWIW, I can access that link via my usual SAP Portal login...

(That being said, I share the impression that the SAP Portal is not particularly user-friendly...)

(30 Mar '23, 03:51) Volker Barth

Same problem here and would also appreciate it if someone could post an accessible link

(31 Mar '23, 11:48) limab

Does this particular link fail, or do you get the same error when searching for that note number in the SAP Portal knowledge base?

(Because, as stated, I am able to access the note with my SAP Portal login both ways.)

(04 Apr '23, 03:19) Volker Barth
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I tried, but the idiotic launchpad doesn't let me log in, it's showing some glowing user icon after entering my credentials. Would be nice when that site could be recreated from scratch...

(05 Apr '23, 10:29) ArcoW

ok, after some serious problems with the login I can indeed findt the note. However, when clicking on it I still get the same error. This is SO frustratingly annoying! They should be ashamed, we are their customers, they live from our money!

(05 Apr '23, 10:36) ArcoW

Thats' really annoying.:/ That being said, I'm more than glad they keep this forum running, my attempts for Q&A in the SAP Community were quite fruitless...

(05 Apr '23, 10:45) Volker Barth

@Chris: Is there a chance the 17.0.11 readme in the following public location (which unfortunately still doesn't offer https...) could be fixed, as well?

(17 Apr '23, 03:06) Volker Barth
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