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I am wondering in there is already some Information out about SQL Anywhere supported on Apple Silicon? And, if someone tested, does it run as Intel app on a Mac mini M1 for example?

Regards, Robert

asked 09 May '21, 09:08

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It can run with Rosetta on M1 but there is an issue with the installer. If you have support, you can open a support case for information on how to workaround the install issue. Support as a native M1 is not currently in place but is being evaluated.

(09 May '21, 19:27) Chris Keating

I have confirmed that I can share this. The workaround is to run the command line (non-gui) installer -- please refer to the readme notes for the location of the command line based installer -- with the following environment set:

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answered 10 May '21, 12:22

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Chris Keating
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Volker Barth

Thanks a lot for sharing this info, Chris.

(11 May '21, 04:26) robert

Ah, non-gui installer runs on my macs too. Anyway - a version for Mac M1 would be great!

(11 May '21, 05:09) Axel Siepmann

To whom it may be interesting.

Installing SQL Anywhere 17 on a new ARM based MacBook Pro (MacBook Pro 14-inch, 2021) went without a problem (using the SQLANYW170001P_2-71001547.TGZ installer). I can startup all of my existing databases, and automatic startup the database server with LaunchDaemon works as well. Very nice :-) Thanks to the SQL Anywhere crew. Now I am looking forward to an ARM based database version for macOS.

Regards, Robert

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answered 19 May '22, 05:43

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edited 19 May '22, 05:44

Same here on my MacBook Pro (16", 2021) with M1 Pro.

(19 May '22, 05:47) Axel Siepmann

Good to hear :-)

(19 May '22, 07:49) robert
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